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hCG Diet

New! hCG Diet

The hCG diet is a unique method of fast weight loss, using daily injections of human Chorionic Gonadotrophin combined with a low calorie diet of 500 very restricted calories a day. The hCG diet, developed by Dr. A.T. W. Simeons in the 1950’s, is a rapid weight loss protocol which uses daily injections of human Chorionic Gonadotropin (a hormone produced when a woman is pregnant) combined with a 500 calorie/food restricted eating plan for a limited number of days. Patients can expect to lose an average of a pound a day and according to Dr. Simeons “abnormal fat” weight is lost in problematic areas like the abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs and upper arms.

Many participants have reported reduced appetite and increased energy. Strict adherence to Dr. Simeons’ diet protocol is necessary for optimal weight loss results. Members of our staff have tried this protocol with amazing results.

There are vitamin shops and grocery stores selling the HCG drops and claiming it’s “the real hCG.”  However, physician-supervised hCG injections are much more effective than drops.  Our compounded hCG, while extremely effective, is NOT available in any grocery or vitamin store and can only be administered through a physician under strict supervision.  And being under a doctor’s care ensures that you’ll be winning the battle of the bulge safely and with lasting results. We offer the ONLY effective hCG with intense diet/exercise/lifestyle counseling putting each patient in the position to be successful on our program!

Dr. Simeons' Plan

Dr. Simeons Protocol

Dr. Simeons explained his theory of obesity as a disorder in his book entitled, Pounds and Inches.

A copy of Pounds and Inches is available for patients to read. The following is a synopsis of Dr. Simeons’ theories on the causes and treatment of obesity.

Dr Simeons’ Protocol

Dr. Simeons believes obesity is a disorder (mild to severe) and individuals that have the disorder will get fat regardless of if they eat excessively, normally or less than normal. No diet, exercise or drugs could correct the disorder. He believed that obesity was partly a matter of degree, partly inherited and partly the result of a secondary involvement of the endocrine glands.

The history of obesity he addresses as a sign of health and prosperity and therefore sexual selection propagated the trait. He noted, obesity was non-existent in all wild animals and most primitive races as remains the case today. He felt the institution of regular/ easy obtainable meals had an impact on the surplus of food man consumes and therefore stores. He classifies three kinds of fats:

1) Structural fat-around organs and bones

2) Normal/Reserve fat- circulating fat to be utilized as energy

3) Abnormal fat- stored fat that is locked away. He theorizes that when obese patients starve themselves they will lose structural and normal fat reserves without losing the abnormal fat stored in the belly, hips, thighs and upper arms.

Glandular theories were speculated as to the cause of obesity. Sex hormones were ruled out due to trials of highly active sex hormones being administered to aging obese patients with diminished levels of sex hormones. Thyroid hormone was thought to have no effect on abnormal fat losses only an effect to the body’s normal fat reserves that Dr. Simeons theorizes are already depleted in the obese patient. The pituitary and adrenal glands were also ruled out.

Dr. Simeons’ theory of obesity lies in the disorder of “The diencephalon or hypothalamus”. His hypothesis was made from a study on laboratory animals and by destroying the diencephalon center caused a voracious appetite and rapid weight gain in animals. His assumption is that the diencephalon is the center of storing and issuing fuel/fat to the body. He compares the diencephalic center to a bank, normal fat reserves are deposited for current withdrawal and when the deposits grow too rapidly and withdrawals become too frequent a point may be reached in which the diencephalon banking capacity can no longer keep up and the excess funds (fat) can no longer be withdrawn and they are stored in a fixed account as Abnormal Fat.

Three basic causes of Obesity are again theorized-
(1) The Inherited Factor- A congenital low diencephalic capacity from birth.
(2) Other Diencephalic Disorders- post-menopause, post-castration, diabetes and Cushing syndrome.
(3) The Exhaustion of the Fat-bank-by a sudden influx of food in excess of normal fat storage.

Dr. Simeons’ discovery of weight loss through the use of hCG was made by working to help the so- called “fat boys” which mocked Froehlich’s disease with large breasts, large hips, buttocks and thighs. They also displayed underdeveloped genitals. To help in the development of the sex organs the patients were given injections of h He found that as long as patients CG, which not only combated their ravenous appetites but reshaped their bodies. They were not restricted in diet and they neither gained nor lost weight but there was a distinct decrease in circumference of their hips. With this in mind, Dr. Simeons assumed that the change in shape could only be explained by a movement of fat away from the abnormal fat deposits on the hips and he speculated that the fat may be utilized to fuel the body. He found that with SMALL DAILY DOSES of hCG and 500 CALORIES A DAY patients lost an average of A POUND A DAY. Results may vary by patient.

Steps To Take

Patients interested in the hCG diet will meet with a provider on the first visit. She (he) will have appropriate bloodwork done and be instructed to read Dr. Simeons’ Pounds and Inches, which explains the history and protocol of the diet.

A second visit with the provider will be scheduled a week later to go over the bloodwork, and patient will meet with the weight counselor the same day to start the diet.

*Please note that most insurance plans cover visits with the provider and the bloodwork. The patient is responsible only for their normal co-pay.
The cost of the diet is separate, and is not covered by insurance.


1. What is hCG and where do I get it?
hCG is a natural substance that is produced in the human body during pregnancy. Pharmaceutical companies extract this substance from the urine of pregnant women. It is purified and made into pharmaceutical grade hCG. Although it is a natural substance, it is classified as a drug and available by prescription only. You must get hCG from a medical doctor with a prescription. The FDA has not approved hCG to be used in weight loss treatment but it is not illegal. According to the FDA, it is in fact, legal for doctors in America to prescribe medications for purposes that are not approved by the FDA. You will be prescribed hCG by vial along with individual disposable syringes, which are easy to use and nearly painless.

2. What if I just did the diet without the hCG injections?
Many double-blind studies have been conducted in order to address this question. In these studies it was found that if you do the diet without the hCG injections, you will, in fact lose weight. The problem is, during the diet you will lose muscle and structural fat instead of the abnormal fat deposits in the problem areas. When you finish the diet your metabolism will be lower than before, your hunger higher than before and your body will not be reshaped and re-sculpted. Therefore, you will not have achieved the results you want.

3. What does the FDA say about hCG?
The FDA states that hCG has no known effect on fat mobilization, reducing appetite/sense of hunger, or body fat distribution. They further state that hCG has not been demonstrated to be an effective adjunct therapy in the treatment of obesity and does not increase fat losses beyond that resulting from caloric restriction. Just as there have been no trials to prove the effectiveness of hCG in weight reduction, there is no documentation or substantiations to prove that these negative statements are true. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence to support claims that hCG is effective when used with this protocol. Dr. Simeons, creator of the hCG diet/protocol, was very clear that if the protocol was not followed exactly as described, the results would not be achieved

The truth is that in all properly conducted studies, patients on the hCG diet have, in fact, lost both weight and inches. These dieters have seen a dramatic re-sculpting of their bodies and they have lost fat in their problem areas.

4. My doctor says this won’t work and is not safe.
Doctors are educated on new drugs by pharmaceutical companies only after FDA approval. hCG will never gain FDA approval because huge amounts of money cannot be made from a naturally occurring substances, therefore no one will put up the millions of dollars for the necessary research. Rhett Women’s Center used to be of the mindset that this diet couldn’t possibly work, but then they had advanced training in physician prescribed weight loss and tried it for themselves along with family members and close friends.
Here at Rhett Women’s Center we understand the issues associated with this protocol, which is why will be there every step of the way to help you succeed in your weight loss quest.

5. Is it true that 500 calories a day is too low to be safe?
No. As recently reported in the New York Times, research confirms that eating very low calorie diets actually increase overall health, have anti-aging effects, and increase lifespan. More importantly, when you are doing the diet combined with the hCG injections, Dr. Simeons reports that your body is being flooded with over 2,000 calories of nutrition from the releasing of the abnormal fat reserves. This is one of the reasons why during the diet, consisting of the diet and hCG injections, you are not overly hungry and generally have an increase in energy levels.

6. During the diet am I allowed to take supplements and prescription medication?
Yes, it is our view that in order to maintain a healthy nutritional balance you should use supplementation. Our staff will make recommendations based on your medical intake package or blood work (if provided) of supplements that will help you achieve an even greater weight loss. It is also imperative that you continue to take any necessary prescription medication that your primary doctor has prescribed.

7. Have any changes been made to the original Simeons weight loss cure protocol?
Our diet follows the original instructions as described in Simeons’ manuscript “Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity,” but there are two exceptions. Dr. Simeons used 125 ius of hCG because he suggested that taking larger amounts do not improve results, but rather have the opposite effect. Doctors in the 1970s and 1980s began dealing with patients who had many more issues and causes of abnormal hypothalamus activity than Simeons dealt with. Therefore, after Simeons’ death in 1970, doctors began researching with slightly higher amounts of hCG. It was found that between 175 and 200 i.u.s were the optimal daily doses and It is still recommended that the dosage should never be more than 200 i.u’s.

The second modification to Simeons original protocol is the exclusion of melba toast, or an Italian grissino breadstick with lunch and dinner. It has been found that eliminating the small melba toast or grissino breadstick from the lunch and dinner meals actually speeds up the fat burning process.

8. Must I gorge for the first two days of the diet?
Yes. Dr. Simeons states that a person will not be comfortable on the 500 calorie diet unless his normal fat reserves are reasonably well stocked. It is for this reason that in every case a person must eat to capacity the most fattening food they can get down for the first two days in Phase 2. It is a fundamental mistake to start the 500 calorie diet as soon as hCG injections are started, as it seems to take about three injections before abnormal fat deposits begin to get released and circulate, thus becoming available to the body as fuel.

9. How do I measure the 100 grams of protein?
It’s simple! Just Use a kitchen scale or postal scale. 100 grams equals about 3.5 ounces. (Weigh meat in its raw state).

10. Can I substitute smoked fish, pickled fish or deli meats?
Absolutely not, no deli meats and nothing smoked, dried, or pickled is allowed on the diet. All meats must be of the leanest variety. If at all possible, buy organic as it will be free of all of the hormones, antibiotics and other animal drugs which slowdown or stop the fat burning process. Try to buy wild fish and not farm raised fish for the same reasons as above. Eating beef and veal that is not grass fed and organic will also slow down or stop the fat burning process.

11. Can I mix vegetables?

12. Can I change some of the food items on the diet?
No, you must be very strict in following the diet exactly if you want to achieve results. Dr. Simeons was very particular in his research about how even the very smallest change or variation in the diet would slow down or stop the fat burning process completely. Simeons also stated that the diet used in conjunction with the hCG injections must not exceed 500 calories per day. He also stated that the way these calories are made up is of the utmost importance. For example, he pointed out that if a patient dropped the apple and had a little more protein he would not be getting any more calories, but he would not lose weight. There are a number of foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, which have the same or even lower caloric values than those listed as permissible. However, when substitutions are made Dr. Simeons found that they interfered with the regular loss of weight under hCG. This is due to the nature of the foods chemical compositions.

13. Can I eat lamb, pork, duck, while on the 500 calorie diet?

14. Will I be hungry during this protocol?
During Phase 2 you may have slight hunger between one and seven days, but if you follow the instructions to load up on calories the first two days, this will not be as noticeable. Each person is different but for the most part the hunger is slight. Please understand that this is in fact a weight loss protocol and as such, you have to work for results. No weight loss program is absent from the feeling of being hungry. If you are following the protocol accordingly and are still ravenous, please call our office.

15. Can I use artificial sweeteners while on this protocol?
No, you should never use any artificial sweeteners whether or not it is while on the hCG diet. All artificial sweeteners, including NutraSweet and Splenda, should never be consumed due to the fact that they increase depression, are physically, chemically addicting, and cause weight gain. An alternative to artificial sweeteners is a product called Stevia. There is a website called that has every conceivable stevia product available. Stevia is also available in local health food stores.

16. Can I consume MSG (monosodium glutamate)?
No, you should never consume anything containing MSG as it is a dangerous excitotoxin and therefore increases depression and appetite.

17. While on the protocol can I use gum, mints, lozenges, or cough syrup?

18. If I am not hungry while doing the diet, do I still have to eat everything as described?
Yes, whether you are hungry or not, you must eat the lunch and dinner in their complete form. You cannot have one big meal per day, although you may take the apple from either lunch or dinner and eat it at breakfast and you may also take the fruit from dinner and eat it for a mid-day snack. No other changes or substitutions are allowed as they slow or completely stop the fat burning process.

19. What if I cheat on the diet during the diet?
If you do cheat on a meal one or two days in a row, the weight loss process will stop for a few days or a temporary increase in weight may occur. If this happens, immediately start the diet again at the next meal and carry on. If you cheat on a meal every other day you will not receive the results you want.

20. What if I have low energy or hunger during the diet?
Some patients may be dealing with insulin resistance or low blood sugar while on the diet. If this problem arises, it is suggested that you drink Eleotin tea to help. Arranging your foods and meals appropriately is an important part of maintaining proper energy and blood sugar levels. If this low energy or hunger becomes an issue for you while on the diet, please contact the office.

21. Can I eat salt?
During all the phases salt may be consumed, however, always choose sea salt or Himalayan salt. However, using too much salt can result in the retention of water, which will show up as increased weight on the scale.

22. The instructions in all the phases call for a large consumption of water and teas. Is this necessary?
During all the phases you should drink a minimum of 2-3L (68-100oz) of water per day, and up to a maximum of 150oz. It is important in the treatment of weight management. The importance and benefits of adhering to the water cannot be emphasized enough. It is absolutely vital in order for the protocol to work effectively.

23. Must I eliminate cosmetics, moisturizers, lotions, and creams during the diet?
Yes. Dr. Simeons stated that most people find it hard to believe that the fats, oils, creams, and ointments applied to the skin are absorbed into the body and interfere with the weight reduction by hCG just as if those ingredients were eaten. This incredible sensitivity to such minor increases in nutritional and caloric intake is a peculiar feature of the hCG method. Simeons found in his research that persons who habitually handle fats, such as workers in beauty parlors, masseuses, butchers, etc. never show a satisfactory loss of weight when using hCG unless they avoid all contact with the skin of such fats and various products. Many modern cosmetics contain hormones, which interfere with endocrine regulations in the body and should be avoided. **See the “Approved Personal Products List for more details**

24. Will I gain the weight back?
If you go back to eating fast food, restaurant food, and food containing trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, highly refined food, artificial sweeteners, meat, poultry, and dairy with growth hormones and antibiotics etc. you will likely regain the weight. This diet is a palate changing protocol. Rather than craving greasy carbs, you will hunger for eggs, nuts and cheese.

25. If I want to lose more can I do this protocol again?
Between Rounds 1 and 2 – You must wait at least 6 weeks
Between Rounds 2 and 3 – You must wait at least 8 weeks
Between Rounds 3 and 4 – You must wait at least 12 weeks
Between Rounds 4 and 5 – You must wait at least 20 weeks
Between Rounds 5 and 6 – You must wait at least 6 months

26. What if the food label says all natural?
Today, the phrase all natural means absolutely nothing! You must read the ingredients listed on the food item. To avoid confusion, look for organic whenever possible.

27. What if I show no weight loss for four days in a row?
Dr. Simeons discussed at length the daily weight fluctuations or reaching weight plateaus. He explained that at times there may be no drop of weight at all for two or three days, which is then followed by a sudden large drop which reestablishes the normal daily average of about one pound per day during Phase 2. Weight fluctuations occur more so in women than in men. If a person weighs themselves and notices that the weight stays the same for four days in a row, the patient is told that after weighing on the fourth morning, to only eat six organic apples for the day. The patient is told to drink nothing except a small amount of water, just enough to quench their thirst when needed. The next morning there should be a drop in weight. If not, do not be concerned. It is important to note that because this protocol is synthesizing and releasing so such abnormal fat, the body may retain excessive water in order to rid the system of this excess released fat and accompanying toxins. This at times, results in no apparent weight loss on the scale, however; you must know that the body is still being reshaped and massive fat loss is still occurring.

NOTE: There are two questions that we ask immediately when the above situation arises. Some of the question you may want to consider are:
– (For Women) Are you having a period or are you close to having a period? (This seems to cause water retention and as soon as the period is over, the weight is lost.)
– How are your bowel movements? If you are not having regular daily bowel movements you are retaining weight. It is recommended that you take a supplement or a tea that will help you become regular again. We DO NOT recommend using laxatives, stool softeners or over the counter medications during HCG.
– Are you drinking all your water and eating all your foods?
– Are you using more salt in excess? This can lead to water retention as well.

28. Can I take higher doses of hCG?
No, never go above 200 of hCG IU per day.

29. Can I stay on Phase 2 longer than six weeks?
Dr. Simeons found that the body has a tendency to create immunity to hCG. Therefore, staying on the diet for longer than a total of 42 injections is not advised. You must take at least a 4 week break before you start the injections and protocol of the diet again. This is important because once your body starts developing immunity to hCG, you will no longer be burning abnormal fat reserves, but rather start burning structural fat and muscle. You will know when the immunity sets in as you will be unnaturally hungry again and the 500 calorie diet will not be enough to sustain you alone.

30. How much does this cost?
Our programs range from $550-$1000. Each individual has different needs and desires. We take pride in customizing your program to suit your individual needs.

31. Can’t I just go buy the homeopathic drops?
Yes, you can. Homeopathics can be a valuable tool, but it is impossible to guarantee the chain of production and purity. As your body slowly builds up an immunity to hCG, any amount you ingest will contribute to that immunity so why use a questionable source? If the hCG you receive is diluted, you will not lose as much weight and the probability of regaining the lost weight is much higher.
32. What are possible side effects?
Not all side effects happen to all people, some individuals show none or all of these symptoms.
• Headache
• Dizziness
• Mood Swings
• Depression
• Blood Clots
• Water Retention
• Fatigue
• Breakthrough Bleeding

33. When should I contact the office?
• Severe pelvic pain
• swelling of the hands or legs
• stomach pain and/or swelling
• shortness of breath
• weight gain 3 days in a row
• diarrhea
• nausea or vomiting
• no weight loss for more than 4 days in a row
• depression, anxiety
• unrelieved hunger pangs

34. How do I move to Phase 3 (stabilization)?
Upon completion of the VLCD and hCG, you will move into Phase 3 of the protocol. For the first 72 hours after your last injection of hCG you must continue to adhere to the VLCD to ensure the hCG is completely out of your body. After 72 hours without hCG you may begin to increase your caloric intake up to 1200 – 1800 per day. You may eat whatever you wish with the exception of sugar and starch. Mix your veggies, reintroduce fats and dairy. Sugar and starches inherently found in foods are fine (ie: sugar in an apple or carbs in peanut butter). Stabilization lasts 21 days, during which time you must remain +/- 2 pounds of the weight you were the morning AFTER your last hCG injection. For more details refer to the Phase 3 (Stabilization) page.

35. What is Phase 4?
Simply put, Phase 4 is the gradual reintroduction of sugars and starches while adopting a healthy balance of moderate exercise and better eating habits. Continue to weigh yourself each morning, not allowing your weight to exceed +2 pounds of your LDW. Weight loss at this time is acceptable as your body has stabilized to its new weight. Maintaining your new weight is easiest with a combination of a medical grade supplements, a healthy, sensible diet and a more active lifestyle.

hCG Patient Testimonials

“I really was never hungry except at a family event with great food—which I resisted!” Dr. Edmund Rhett


Results may vary by patient.

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