Adolescent/Teen Health

Note: This page is no longer current. Click here to learn more about gynecology.

Entering adolescent and teenage years is a time of tremendous change and development in a young girl’s life. She experiences changes in the way she thinks, the way she feels, and the way she looks. Gene Blake, CNM has a special interest in caring for young girls during this stage of life. While ensuring patient confidentiality, Gene can communicate with both mother and daughter to address the uncertainty that often accompanies menstrual irregularities, painful and/or heavy periods, PMS symptoms and related issues. If appropriate, Gene can also discuss healthy sexuality (including the decision to have intercourse, choosing a caring and respectful partner, contraceptive options, and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases). She will create an open dialogue with each patient, taking into consideration her age and maturity level, while providing both parent and daughter with a healthy forum for discussion.