10 Scary Good Women’s Health Treatments to Try

Scary Good

When it comes to superior women’s health, Rhett Women’s Center provides scary good treatment options for our patients. Here’s our top ten to try.

1. Gyn Care Without the Wait and the Whining
Stop waiting for babies and sharing the wait with them. Grow your healthcare up and focus on you. Rhett Women’s Center provides a superior women’s health experience – centered on women.

2. Normalize Periods in Our Accredited In House Surgery Center
Just say NO to abnormal periods with our in house surgery center. It is accredited and provides a convenient, low cost way of normalizing periods. Stop abnormal periods without paying a big hospital procedure price tag to do it.

3. Unique Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Program
Our providers trained extensively with the nationally acclaimed Preventive Medicine Clinic in California to bring the latest age management preventive medicine and unique bioidentical hormone replacement therapies to Charleston.

4. Reset Your Metabolism
Transform your metabolism and your body when you lose inches and pounds with the hCG Diet. The hCG injections curb the hunger. Results in 28 days.

5. Too Cool, Fat Elimination Forever
Just freeze the fat off. Bring us your troublesome tummy, arms, hips, thighs, bra area, and chin. Michelle will do a free assessment, give you a great price and make you comfortable while we kill up to 25% of your fat cells, forever.

6. Add-On Injectable and Filler Packages
Add Dysport injectable or Juvederm filler to your service to receive a package price.

7. Supplement Your Results
Supplement your weight management, BHRT, and overall healthcare results with natural supplements hand picked by our providers. Pharmaceutical grade supplements are far superior to over the counter options.

8. Pellet and Forget It
Insert pellets containing estrogen and/or testosterone and receive consistent, effective hormone management without the creams, pills or injections. For women and men.

9. Quality Time
Our providers take the time to listen to each patient. Make your appointment to feel better now. They are committed to constantly staying ahead of the curve for women’s health treatments in demand.

10. For Your Man Too
Yep. Make an appointment for him too. Dr. Rhett and Dr. Smith provide men’s services for common men’s health issues such as low testosterone, PSA screening, thyroid therapy, coolsculpting and weight management.