Monthly Archives: May 2016

Ladies Smiling

A Proven, Unique Women’s Health Program

In a noisy world of promises to feel better when you try this and amazing results when you do that, it is a relief to come across real science and proven results. Take the time to sit down with your gynecologist and develop a treatment plan to help you reach your individual health and wellness goals.

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Spring Feature Patient Testimonial

A 47 Year Old RWC Patient Shares Her Recipe for Feeling Better *This blog account is taken directly from a May 2016 transcript of a Rhett Women’s Center current patient. Individual patient results and treatment plans will vary. I can tell when I get off track. I feel sluggish and achy, my weight creeps up […]

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Get Ready For Summer with our hCG & Coolsculpting Events

With bathing suit season quickly approaching, most of us tend to head straight to the diet foods section or decide to delve into the latest health trend for a quick weight loss fix.  These weight loss strategies and yo-yo diets are knowingly unhealthy and do not provide lasting results. This spring, we can help you […]

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