Monthly Archives: October 2019

Vitamin Highlight Vitamin D

There has been lots of discussion regarding Vitamin D for a number of years, and rightly so! Over half of the American population is deficient in Vitamin D! And on top of that Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, depression, muscle pain, bone loss, and autoimmune disease. So, what do you […]

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Spooktacular Open House Event on Thursday, October 24th

Don’t miss the Spooktacular Open House Event on Thursday, October 24th 2-4pm and 5-8pm at Rhett Women’s Center Aesthetics Suite 130 in Mt. Pleasant. These scary good prices only happen for one day. Let our good witches magically transform you. Treats and these amazing beauty tricks on special with demonstrations! RSVP HERE. Enjoy: BOO-tiful Botox […]

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Supplement Highlight Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the most valuable and overlooked minerals that is vital to over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. As many as 50-90% of people don’t get enough magnesium resulting in insufficiency or deficiency. Symptoms associated with lack of magnesium may include: Poor sleep Constipation Anxiety Muscle twitching/cramps Irritability PMS symptoms Menstrual Cramps Irritable […]

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