Monthly Archives: June 2020

Fighting the Virus

Fighting the virus moving forward, common sense has to rule what we do. At work, we are doing the right thing. Outside of work, I have no control, but I ask each of you to do what you’re supposed to do to avoid contracting this virus. This includes social distancing, handwashing, and using a mask […]

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Escaping Another Lockdown

A May 13, 2020 article in The New Yorker magazine by Atul Gawande MD gave an extensive outline of what we can do to stop the spread of the coronavirus and avoid another lockdown. The following is my synopsis of what he says works: Social distancing Wearing masks Hygienic techniques, including hand washing, antiseptic gel […]

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Summer Specials Event!

Say Goodbye to Wrinkles! Did a few more wrinkles appear while under quarantine? No problem, we are offering Botox for $9/unit and all Fillers are $75 off 1 syringe! Buy and use now or Buy and Bank! Learn more about Botox and Fillers here. Freeze Away the Social Distancing Fat with Coolsculpting! Did you gain the COVID-19? We can help […]

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