A Patient Shares Their Life Changing Experience

A year ago, I weighed myself at 150 and balled… How had the countless hours on the treadmill, the dozens of diets not worked? Why was it that if I ate a salad, I felt AND looked 9 months pregnant after? How is it possible that after 7 years of CHRONIC constipation and seeing top GI doctors in Atlanta, had no one figured out what was wrong with my stomach?

Being rewarded with the privilege to work with and learn from Gene Blake, NP and Erin Copenhaver, PA is one of the most valuable experiences I have been given. They have changed my life for the better and got to the root of my own health battles. Through their guidance and their patience, I have been able to restore my microbiome, feed my body whole foods, kill of candida overgrowth. However, it’s more than that, they gave me the time and resources I needed instead of writing me another script. I appreciate you both, thank you!