A Proven, Unique Women’s Health Program

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In a noisy world of promises to feel better when you try this and amazing results when you do that, it is a relief to come across real science and proven results. Take the time to sit down with your gynecologist and develop a treatment plan to help you reach your individual health and wellness goals.

One program does not fit all. Just like every woman is unique, every program to address the individual needs of a woman should be medically unique. “We spend quality time with a patient to review their medical history, blood work, hormone panel, thyroid and symptoms. The solely GYN focus of our centers in Mt. Pleasant and Georgetown fosters quality time and knowledge of our patients. I truly know each and every patient,” says Edmund Rhett, MD and founder.

“Every program we add to the continuum of care is a thoughtful addition based on medical advancements and the growing needs of our patients,” explains Dr. Rhett. Built with an accredited, outpatient surgery center at its core, Rhett Women’s Center surgeons and anesthesiologist enable women to address abnormal periods safely, affordably and without a hospital visit. To complement this service, all providers received extensive medical disease prevention training from Neal Rouzier, MD of The Preventive Medicine Clinics in Palm Springs, California. Dr. Rouzier has specialized in in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement since 1997. Using his proven protocols, Rhett Women’s Center prescribes a therapy that is tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

Natural hormone optimization programs are a safe and reliable way to combat the biological effects of aging and the symptoms of peri-menopause, menopause and post menopause. Combined with a healthy diet and the appropriate vitamins and supplements, bio-identical hormones are the key to healthy aging.

“We find that a recipe for success for each patient is highly contingent on a good comprehensive work up and listening to the patient’s symptoms,” says David Smith, MD. “Many of my patients combine a medically based weight loss program with supplements and bioidentical hormone therapies to manage and sustain symptom relief effectively.” Pharmaceutical grade supplements are available at Rhett Women’s Center for the convenience of patients.