April Fools Coolsculpting Consultation Day

Invest in looking your best when you choose Rhett Women’s Center for your Coolsculpting needs! Join us on April 1st from 2-6 PM for your Coolsculpting consultation. Only a fool would miss this event! You tell us what you need, what you can afford, and we will make your April Fools Day dreams come true.

Coolsculpting and Votiva Specialist, Michelle Chandler, has been helping patients become their most confident selves since 2014. She has been in women’s healthcare for twenty-seven years and has treated thousands of patients making her a Coolsculpting expert.

“We know where women store fat cells and how to target the areas of the body that bother you most. We do complimentary consultations that are completely customizable to you,” shared Michelle.

Michelle also offers a variety of times, including early mornings and late evenings, making it easy to fit a Coolsculpting session into your busy schedule. A committed provider and advocate for women’s health, Michelle even offers appointments on some Saturdays.

“There is absolutely no down time with Coolsculpting. It is FDA approved to get rid of twenty to thirty percent of your stubborn fat cells, which is huge,” said Michelle.

Call (843) 375-2210 or email Michelle@drrhett.com to reserve your Coolsculpting consultation at our April Fools Day Event. You can also RSVP by clicking the link below.