Consider supporting your immune health with Bioactives

When used appropriately, nutritional supplements address common nutritional deficiencies and provide a targeted boost your immune system may need. Here are some recommendations and convenient links to how to order clean, pharmaceutical grade supplements online through our Fullscripts program. All online orders are delivered to your door.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C increases the action of natural killer cells, immune cells that are especially responsive to viruses.


Immune cells contain 10 to 100x more vitamin C than other human cells. This significantly higher concentration suggests vitamin C is extraordinarily important to the function of these immune cells. High dose vitamin C can be really useful for keeping you healthy and reducing the intensity and severity of your illness.

Important to note:

In order to get these benefits from Vitamin C, we typically start the dosing at 4000 mg daily. Be careful when supplementing with a higher dose Vitamin C since it can cause mild abdominal cramping and loose stools.



Having zinc deficiency is pretty common. The World Health Organization reports zinc deficiency affects 31% worldwide. Even a mild deficiency contributes to a weaker cell-mediated immune response and a poor immune system function.


It would be reasonable to ensure your zinc intake is optimal during times where you are at a higher risk of illness. Studies repeatedly show a significant reduction in duration of infection when using oral zinc supplementation, with most of the research exploring the effects of zinc on the common cold.


Vitamin D

Research demonstrates vitamin D modulates immune cells.


Several studies have shown vitamin D plays a positive role in reducing respiratory infections and in prevention of influenza and influenza related complications. The impact appears to be more protective in patients who are vitamin D deficient.

Important note:

Make sure to have your Vitamin D levels checked to ensure your levels are optimal.