Escaping Another Lockdown

A May 13, 2020 article in The New Yorker magazine by Atul Gawande MD gave an extensive outline of what we can do to stop the spread of the coronavirus and avoid another lockdown.

The following is my synopsis of what he says works:

  1. Social distancing
  2. Wearing masks
  3. Hygienic techniques, including hand washing, antiseptic gel and non-touching
  4. Getting tested with any symptoms
  5. Staying home from work with symptoms
  6. Avoiding contact with anyone with symptoms
  7. Adapting to the cultural change that fighting this pandemic involves, instead of resisting it

Think of this as baking a cake. You must put in all the ingredients to make it work. Some of this is just common sense. Unfortunately, as Horace Greeley said, “common sense is a very uncommon trait.”

With the recent surge in cases in South Carolina, the public needs to do everything possible to stop the spread. South Carolina is now one of the leading states in reports of new cases.

We need to think of our family, neighbors, and friends and take the appropriate precautions to avoid another lockdown. Doing the right thing, even when you don’t feel like it, is beneficial to everyone, and plain good manners.

Edmund Rhett, MD