Fighting the Virus

Fighting the virus moving forward, common sense has to rule what we do. At work, we are doing the right thing.

Outside of work, I have no control, but I ask each of you to do what you’re supposed to do to avoid contracting this virus. This includes social distancing, handwashing, and using a mask in a crowd. If you go out, and the restaurant staff are not wearing masks and using gloves, I would leave. If you go to a bar and it’s crowded, I would leave. (I personally am not going to a bar. It is not worth the risk.) If you have older children who are not following these simple steps, you are at risk of contracting the virus and bringing it to work.

My honest opinion and my medical opinion is that you should not expose yourself to the dangers of exposure to this virus. I personally would not go out to bars or restaurants for the next month or so. If anyone in our office contracted the virus, we would have to shut down.

Please do what you and your family can do to stay safe. Think of your family, your friends and the people you work with every day, as well as our patients. We depend on each other to do the right thing.

-Edmund Rhett MD