Five Feel Good Tips After a “Big” Holiday Night Out

It’s the holiday season, and holiday parties are coming fast and furious! I love a cocktail as much as the next person, and I used to be a bartender in Manhattan, so I have plenty of holiday drink recipes. In my current role, I coach people on how to mitigate the toxic effects of alcohol. Read on for the top 5 things I do regularly before a “big night out”.


1) Lemon/salt water: I actually do this every day of the year, but it’s crucial before a “big night out”. I start the morning with a large Mason jar of filtered water (about 32 oz). I squeeze a whole lemon into the water and add a 1/2 tsp of pink Himalayan salt, local sea salt or other. (I love the brand Himalania–they have so many varieties). Each salt contains the minerals from the earth where it originated. I rotate through different ones. Salt water absorbs into our cells more effectively than plain water. The lemon is fantastic for your liver. Hydrate all day long, but don’t miss this little extra trick, especially during holiday season.

2) Vitamin C is one of our best antioxidants and great for immune, sleep and gut support. Take 1000mg twice a day routinely. Take an extra 1000mg  before and after going out.

3) Magnesium is important to 300 different processes in the body. In this case, you should take it to help you sleep well. Alcohol, though it seems to put you to sleep, causes a suboptimal night of sleep as it wears off.

4) Glutathione is the “king of detoxification” and our best anti-oxidant. It is something our body should make naturally, but often does not do so efficiently enough. 500mg of glutathione per day during the holiday season can be very helpful. I feel that it makes my mind sharper!

5) Binders can be critical to blocking the effects of the holiday season. Our favorite Binder is GI Detox by Biobotanical Research. I use this in several ways (good for kids, too). If heading to a party or dinner where gluten or other troublesome food and beverage will be consumed, 2 capsules with a large glass of water can help bind to the negative nutrients/chemicals so they have less chance of absorbing into the body. It can also be taken with a big glass of water before bed after a night out to help “soak up” the alcohol.

Finally, I like to do a full 10-day Detox at least 3 times a year–after New Years, after Spring Break and after Summer. Join us for our 10-day group Renew You Detox Event on January 9th. Call 843-375-2210 or go to to register!

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