Get Back on Track with hCG

The first step in your journey to health begins with being your ideal weight. Rhett Women’s Center uses hCG as a tool to help you take the first step successfully. Get Back on Track this August 23rd with Gene Blake, NP and Erin Copenhaver, PA. Let us teach you how our hCG diet plan can help get you back on track to:

  • better health,
  • balancing your microbiome,
  • reducing inflammation,
  • and resetting your metabolism to lose weight with less hunger.

Give us 30 days, and we will get you on track to your best self. Register here or call 843-375-2210. A $50.00 deposit to be applied to the hCG program of your choice is required. Spots are limited. Raffles, gifts and additional savings on the new Coolsculpting for attendees only.