Get Back to You

Get Back To You Coolsculpting

We all love summer, but it’s time to get back to your routine. It’s time to make time for you. Make an appointment that will have you feeling more like your best self again with Rhett Women’s Center.

A unique women’s program, we focus on the comprehensive needs of women of all ages and all seasons of life. Here are a few services that we find can improve dramatically the health and well being of our patients.


Schedule Your Annual Gyn Exam

Enjoy our full service gynecology practice developed to focus on women and eliminate the waiting associated with OB practices. Get in to see a provider who will spend quality time with you. Drs. Rhett and Smith and nurse practitioner, Gene Blake, coordinate your care with a highly skilled support team. Ready to be pampered?

Normalize Your Period

Think of what your life would be without a period! Ask about Novasure endometrial ablation procedure at Rhett Women’s Center. Have greater control over your life and schedule. Go on vacation without a worry. Avoid embarrassing heavy bleeding accidents. Enjoy intimacy with your partner any time of the month. Be free of feminine hygiene products and painful cramping.

Our fully accredited in house Surgery Center allows you to receive this minimally invasive procedure safely, comfortably and at a fraction of the cost of the same procedure performed in the hospital. Under the care of our familiar staff at RWC, patients receive a higher level of individualized care with highly experienced surgeons, Drs. Rhett or Smith, and anesthesiologist Dr. Allison Smith.

Schedule Your Hormone Panel

So often that feeling of malaise and symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue, cognitive fogginess, aches and more are related to a hormonal imbalance. Find out if your body is experiencing hormonal deficiencies with a comprehensive blood panel. Your provider will discuss the results and develop a bioidentical hormone optimization program individualized to you as needed.

Get Your Weight Under Control

Set up an appointment to learn about our weight loss programs. We tailor medically supervised weight loss to your health profile and weight management goals. Find the right fit for you.