Get Rid of Your Turkey Neck with the CoolMini™ Special

FDA approved Coolsculpting Mini applicator, CoolMini™, is designed to treat smaller pockets of fat, including the submental, or chin fat area, more commonly referred to as the double chin or “turkey neck”. Rhett Women’s Center was among the first to offer the Cool Mini. This Thanksgiving, request your free consultation now and receive 25% patient discount.

The CoolMini allows patients to successfully address additional problem areas without surgery or multiple, painful injections and without downtime post treatment. Similar to the other applicators addressing flank, thigh, abdominal and a myriad of other body parts typically harboring stubborn fat, the Cool Mini is a truly compelling alternative to more invasive options like face lifts and liposuction.

The new CoolMini applicator’s size, shape and curvature is designed to comfortably fit small, problem areas. Patients may see results as early as 3 weeks, with the most dramatic results generally observed 1-3 months following treatment.

“Since the CoolSculpting procedure is entirely non-invasive, my patients can typically resume normal activities immediately after treatment. Treatment or an area takes as little time as one hour,” says Michelle Polhaumus, Certified Coolsculpting Specialist.

The accumulation of fat under the chin can be a result of lifestyle, age or genetic factors and — unlike other common problem areas of the body — it cannot be hidden or disguised with clothing. Data from a 2014 study conducted by The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) showed that approximately 68 percent of people were concerned with chin and neck fat; this number increased eight percent from the previous year.

The FDA clearance is based on data from a U.S. pivotal clinical trial involving 60 male and female patients, ranging in age from 22 to 65 years. In the trial, patients received 1-2 treatments in the area under the chin, each six weeks apart resulting in an average of 20% fat reduction. Additionally, no significant adverse events were observed and patients experienced little to no discomfort or downtime.

The CoolMini procedure’s predictable results, non-invasive technology, comfort, lack of downtime and affordable pricing make it a very attractive treatment option for patients looking to eliminate unwanted fat.

The CoolSculpting and CoolMini procedures selectively target (freeze) fat cells. The treated fat cells are eliminated for good. Patients can expect long-lasting results. Every patient is unique, so patients are encouraged to talk to our CoolSculpting providers about a customized treatment plan as part of the initial consultation. Additional treatments in the same or multiple areas may enhance the desired aesthetic effect.