Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

Buyer Beware: What’s really in over-the-counter supplements

Vitamins and supplements are vital to enhance health and wellness, to correct nutrient deficiencies, and to prevent the onset of disease. While we can obtain many of these necessary nutrients from eating a clean, healthy balanced diet, as we age the body needs more nutrients than we can typically get from food intake alone.

Although supplements are necessary for optimal health, buyers must beware. Recent “DNA barcoding tests” show that many pills “labeled as popular herbs were often diluted, or replaced entirely, with fillers like nuts, wheat, soy, and rice.“ From these tests, researchers gathered that supplements from two companies contained no authentic ingredients and only two companies provided 100% authentic supplements.


Don’t take chances with these over the counter supplements! At RWC, we offer the highest quality Nutraceutical (pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements) that have a high level of bioavailability—meaning that your body is able to use/absorb the nutrient. Each of our products contain superior raw materials in dosages necessary to achieve the desired effect. In an industry poorly regulated by the FDA, when using our products, we are confident you are getting the nutrients you need, in the appropriate dose, without any harmful or unnecessary additives—a promise we can’t make when you buy your supplements from a grocery store or pharmacy.

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