Renew You This New Year: An Inspiring Rhett Women’s Center Patient Story

M.G. is a Rhett Women’s Center patient working toward health with Gene Blake, NP. She is a vibrant 68-year old woman who experienced a complete transformation over the course of the 2019 year. Through her hard work and guidance from Gene Blake, NP, M.G. is back to feeling like her best self.

“It’s hard to believe that this time last year M.G. was diagnosed with multiple chronic diseases including, diabetes and fibromyalgia. She was on a long list of pharmaceutical drugs, yet still felt terrible,” shares Gene. M.G. said that prior to coming to Rhett Women’s Center she had no life. There were days where she would not even get out of bed. She was in pain from her head to her toes, she was depressed, and she cried all the time. Sadly, it had been like this for years. M.G. recalls overhearing her grandsons ask their mom, “Why is Granny in bed all the time?”, which served as a bit of a wake-up call. She scheduled an appointment with Gene and began to address lifestyle factors including nutrition, sleep, and movement. She also addressed hormone balance and gut health.

M.G. admits, she was skeptical that Gene’s recommendations would be what she needed; that her lifestyle and nutrition could play such a crucial role in her health. She said if someone had told her that the food she was eating was making her feel so awful she would have argued with them. “M.G. learned that she has control over her own health, as does everyone, based on what we put in and on our bodies. Remarkably, M.G, a type II diabetic, was able to completely come off insulin, and this is only one of many improvements she has experienced,” says Gene. She, now, takes care of her two grandchildren every day, dog sits, enjoys gardening, and describes herself as “always being busy.” M.G. has to remind herself regularly to make time for rest and get adequate sleep….a far cry from the days at a time she was spending in bed.

Gene explains, “There is no ‘magic pill’ M.G. used to get her life back. It was attention to the right details (lifestyle, hormone balance, gut health, and toxic exposure) and lots of hard work that allowed her to start to take control back over her health at 68 years old.” M.G. feels grateful for the expertise, guidance, compassion, and encouragement she received, and continues to receive, at Rhett Women’s Center. Start your new year on track with a thorough health evaluation. Call 843-375-2210 or request an appointment online at