Retail Caution for Supplements

No matter how good of a “deal”, we do not recommend buying supplements, vitamins, or nutraceuticals from large retail centers or online retail services. Brands can be easily counterfeited and the ingredients do not have regulatory oversight. The savings are not worth the risk. Always purchase pharmaceutical grade supplements from a trusted medical source.

A little background on why:

Over the past five years the supplement industry has realized exponential growth. Sadly, the number of vendors making imitation products has grown rapidly as well. A recent study of herbal supplements found at GNC, Walmart, Walgreen’s and Target found that 80% of the capsules tested did not include the ingredients listed on the label. Instead, the bottles contained fillers such as rice, chemical dyes, propylene glycol, dextrose, sodium benzoate, and more. (New York State Attorney General Office, 2015 Retail Herbal Supplement Study)

Guidelines for safe supplement purchasing:

All supplements are not created equal. Anytime you purchase an herbal supplement, make sure that it is pharmaceutical grade. Bypass the deals you see at large retailers, and work with a medical professional, such as Rhett Women’s Center, to get your products.

We provide prescriptions for convenient online ordering and product delivery to your address! Make the investment in higher quality control and better efficacy.

Next time you see discounted supplements on Amazon or at the grocery store, you will understand the difference. For more information on pharmaceutical grade supplements contact us at Rhett Women’s Center. We have a variety of products on hand at our office to ensure that our patients are getting the best that the market offers. Our providers customize supplements to each patient’s individual needs. Stop in or call to purchase.