Shining a Light on No Downtime Vaginal Treatment

“What was once something that was a whisper in small circles, treatments to the vagina and vulva are now growing in popularity. Rather than an intense surgery, lasers are helping turn back the clock on this delicate area.” – Forbes Magazine 

Common vaginal disorders such as urinary incontinence, sexual discomfort referred to as female sexual dysfunction (FSD), and post pregnancy laxity have finally come out of the dark closet. A little radio frequency treatment called Votiva is not only shedding some light on this topic, but treating vaginal and vulva challenges without discomfort or down time. Finally, some relief for women struggling silently with a troubled lady garden.

The statistics are alarming. The time has come to put them out there. One in four women over the age of 18 experience episodes of leaking urine involuntarily.(1) On average, women wait 6.5 years from the first time they experience symptoms until they obtain a diagnosis for their bladder control problem(s). Pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause are major reasons for the increased prevalence of incontinence in women. Votiva is among the few outpatient vaginal treatment options that has positive outcomes for the treatment of urinary incontinence.

According to the National Institute of Health, Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) is often misdiagnosed as psychological when in fact, “Sexual function in women involves many different systems in the body, including physical, psychological and hormonal factors. Many factors, including physical conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease can contribute to FSD.” (NIH, 2017)

Increased laxity caused by age, menopause and childbirth can lead to lack of arousal, dryness and acute pain during intercourse. Votiva can treat FSD, urinary incontinence, and internal and external laxity of the vaginal area. Even more exciting for the 40% of women in America who suffer from female sexual dysfunction, Votiva is done in office without anesthesia, surgery, discomfort, or down time.

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