Spring Feature Patient Testimonial

A 47 Year Old RWC Patient Shares Her Recipe for Feeling Better

*This blog account is taken directly from a May 2016 transcript of a Rhett Women’s Center current patient. Individual patient results and treatment plans will vary.

I can tell when I get off track. I feel sluggish and achy, my weight creeps up and I have trouble concentrating. A visit with Gene Blake, NP to review up-to-date blood work and discuss symptom relief options gave me a plan of action to get back on course.

My recipe for feeling and looking better is tailored closely to my blood work results. My goals when I went to see Gene were to keep up with a high paced work and family life with less stress. And to be candid, I was tired of looking old and being tired. I’m not typically good at taking care of my health. To make matters more challenging, I am a terrible patient. I’m a chicken about taking medication and fearful of surgery (especially in the hospital). As a result, understanding clearly the prescribed treatments was important to me.

RWC allowed me to pursue my options cautiously.  Gene would say, “Ok, can you commit to doing these two things over the next two months? Then we will look at your blood work and talk to see how you feel.” Yes. I replied. I can do that. Michelle called to say, “Are you ready to do the endometrial ablation now? Your insurance says they will cover it in full.” Yes. I replied. I can do that. Then, I called my mother.

Anecdotally, I’ve decided that if I need any other surgeries in my life, Dr. Allison Smith will have to come with me. She listened to my woeful tales of anesthesia resistance, she changed where my IV was when I hyper responded, and I was “out and back again” with no issue. Another patient (insert less chicken) would get to their great results faster. It took me a year to do the endometrial ablation. I wish I’d done the procedure sooner was my follow up feedback. Dr. Rhett said, “I told you so.” Yes. I replied. You did.

Here are the ingredients in my recipe for feeling better.

  • Progesterone and melatonin added nightly to improve sleep
  • Lean Green to jump start my metabolism without the heart racing side effects of weight loss pills
  • Short bursts of exercise more frequently (i.e. Run, walk, sprint)
  • Weekly Vitamin D to address deficiency found in blood panel and improve mood
  • Endometrial ablation in outpatient surgery center to finally get rid of terrible periods
  • Reduce inflammation with daily high-potency EPA/DHA Fish Oil
  • Low dose testosterone cream in morning to address deficiency found in blood panel, elevate energy and maintain lean muscle mass
  • Pharmaceutical grade Probiotic daily to boost immune system and reduce UTIs. (The whole family takes one one of these each morning.)
  • Drink more water
  • Multivitamin with B-12 to address deficiency found, anemia

I know other women will respond to or need a different recipe. There were a few things I tried and discontinued over the course of establishing my best plan. The difference was that I had an easily accessible provider, a good blood panel and symptom analysis to make it feel less “hit or miss”.  It held me accountable. Getting results that made me feel better kept me coming back.