Spring Gut Cleaning

Time for spring cleaning, and there is one part of the body that is likely in need for its own
spring cleaning: the gut. The gut is taking over headlines in the medical world these days.
Many studies show that good gut health is a vital part of prevention and age management.
The gut is responsible for 90% of immunity in the body. In addition, 95% of serotonin—the
happy hormone– lives in the gut. When the gut gets out of balance, a person can feel the
effects in various ways, including anxiety, weight gain, and depression. Rhett Women’s
Center has a simple 3 phase plan for those interested in getting their gut back in check.
RWC staff works with patients daily and, also follow the protocol themselves to be in the
best gut and overall health possible.

Liver Detox
The first step to spring cleaning the gut is just that–giving the liver a break by cleaning out the toxins. Rhett Women’s Center offers Core Restore, 7-Day liver detoxification program. Core Restore, which includes supplements, shakes and a diet plan to follow, cleanses the body while simultaneously boosting energy. Through specifically formulated shakes and supplements, Core Restore provides the jumpstart needed for better gut health. The goal of the Core Restore Program is to facilitate the removal of toxins and revitalize the body’s natural detoxification function. This will help prevent future toxic buildup and maintain a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. Core Restore not only cleans the gut but helps promote weight loss. The program puts the body, the liver specifically, in the best position to metabolize fat efficiently.

Once the gut is in check, it is time for the weight loss component of the plan. The hCG diet is a unique method of fast weight loss, using daily injections of human Chorionic Gonadotrophin combined with a low-calorie diet of 500 very restricted calories a day. And it works! Says Dr. Rhett, “My wife and I both went on hCG diet. She lost 20 pounds, and I lost 26 lbs in 3 weeks time!” Rhett Women’s Center educates patients about hCG and guides them through the diet process. Patients interested in the hCG diet will meet with a provider on the first visit. She (he) will have appropriate bloodwork done and be instructed to read Dr. Simeons’ Pounds and Inches, which explains the history and protocol of the diet. A second visit with the provider will be scheduled a week later to go over the bloodwork, and patient will meet with the weight counselor the same day to start the diet. Rhett Women’s Center holds classes to help support those starting the hCG phase of gut health. Our next is scheduled with Gene Blake on March 23rd.

Microbiome Diet
Once the gut is spring cleaned and the extra weight is no longer a factor, Dr. Rhett and his team recommend patients follow the Microbiome diet plan. Microbiome is a “diet about food that helps keeps the gut in balance,” says Dr. Rhett. Dr. Rhett and his staff follow this diet and have spent time educating themselves about the various aspects of Microbiome to help their patients. In addition, they offer pharmaceutical grade supplements like ProBiotics that will complement this diet plan. Created by an intestinal physician, the diet focuses on foods that heal the gut. Dr. Rhett calls it, “the maintenance aspect of gut health.” Following this diet a majority of the time will help patients prevent “leaky gut” and inflammation in the future.
If you are ready to make a personal investment in your health, call Rhett Women’s Center at 843-375-2210. They offer wellness coaching throughout the entire process of getting your gut spring cleaned and back in check!