Thank You To RWC For Helping Me Live My Best Life

Five years ago, this month, my life was led in a whole new direction both personally and professionally. Knowing what I know now, I had been struggling with hypothyroidism for at least 15 years. I took care of myself and thought that I was pretty healthy. I thought everyone felt how I felt. In retrospect, it was like living life walking through quicksand. Some years were better than others, but in 2015 I was hitting bottom. I was tired all the time and my body hurt despite plenty of sleep, exercise, and “bodywork.” I was thinking, “I guess this is what it’s like to get old” (at 36).

One day I was driving on the Crosstown and saw a billboard with Dr. Rhett, Dr. Smith, and Gene on it that said, “Live your best life.” I started crying and thought to myself, “I am trying to”! Rather than give up, I picked up the phone and called Rhett Women’s Center. I got an appointment the next day with Gene and for the first time, it felt like someone was actually hearing me. I, like many of our patients, sat in her office, and cried and then felt a glimmer of hope.

Within days of starting thyroid medication, I felt like someone had turned the lights back on. Shortly after that, I got pretty upset about how long it had taken to find someone to help me despite going to multiple providers and stating what I thought was the problem. I kept being told I was “fine,” like so many of our patients are told. The search for answers to why that could happen to me, especially as a medical provider, led me to Functional Medicine.

At the same time, Dr. Rhett and Gene were also led, via a different path, to Functional Medicine. Through happenstance we all started talking about our new passion and THAT was the beginning of a beautiful partnership. Three years ago, this month I joined Rhett Women’s Center. The sense of purpose I feel from my career at this point is priceless. The healing journey has continued for me through the last 5 years. I still periodically turn new corners, with an occasional bump in the road along the way. Healing is never a straight path to the top after all.

I am excited to celebrate these anniversaries and say a BIG THANK YOU to Gene and Dr. Rhett for giving me a new life both personally and professionally. I am so grateful for the chance to pay it forward in my current career and grateful to consider Gene, originally my healthcare provider, now as one of my best friends.