The Buzz on Metagenics Detoxification

We are finishing up our first (and biggest ever) group detox of the 2020 year! It’s been super fun working through this 10-day program with a group of women committed to taking charge of their health!

We love this program because it works well for those completing it on their own but also fun and encouraging to do with a group.

From our participants:

“Surprisingly, not hungry – shakes are a plenty and they satisfy my sweet tooth (aka sugar addiction).” –  L.S.

“The detox really has seemed to help me a lot and now trying to navigate keeping up my healthy habits since today is day 10! “ –  SL

“Yippee! I’m feeling better than expected, but excited to add back some other veggies!!!” –  E.S.

For patients signed up for our online supplements, you may order our recommended Metagenics Detox online.