When your GYN conveniently adds aesthetics that cost you less

Get ready to be excited. Rhett Women’s Center has added the latest skin revitalization laser to remove pigmentation, reduce fine lines, refresh and tighten skin, remove scars and reduce stretch marks, remove hair on ALL hair types and the list goes on! Come to our event on Friday, May 5 at Noon or 2:00pm and save on laser treatment packages of your choice. Limited seating. Only 15 registrants for each time slot available.

What else is new? We now have multiple highly trained practitioners providing Botox and fillers too. Package injectables or fillers together with laser packages and save even MORE money. Here are some specials for April to put a “Spring” in your step.

Special introductory packaging for our patients:

Three for Me!
• Buy three laser package and receive 10% off Botox or fillers

Hair removal
• Buy 1 area and receive the 2nd area at 25% off
• Buy 7 treatments and get the 8th for free

• Purchase 2 cycles of Coolsculpting and receive 25% off any laser treatment package.

VIP Specials
Become an RWC VIP Aesthetic All-star by sharing your email with Michelle or Heather and receive exclusive email or text offers.

Mother’s Day Specials
Mother’s Day specials to be announced at the Laser Event on May 5th, register NOW! Limited seating.

Gift Certificates
Gift certificates available now for Coolsculpting and/or Laser packages.