Why I Fasted During Quarantine

By Erin Copenhaver, PA-C

While everyone else was settling into the second week of comfort eating and drinking, I decided to do my second Prolon Fast. Prolon is a 5-day “Fasting Mimicking Diet”. Based on decades of research, it provides a very specific ratio of macronutrients that makes your body think you’re water-fasting, when in reality you’re still consuming clean, plant-based, nourishing food. After those 5 days, your body goes into hyperdrive cleaning out diseased cells and replenishing them with new and vibrant ones. Best of all, the majority of the weight lost (I’ve lost 6 lbs each time I’ve done it) is coming from visceral fat (that spare tire fat around your middle). Visceral fat is the dangerous kind as it promotes inflammation and is at the root of many diseases.

Now I’m no saint when it comes to enjoying delicious food and wine. I love to indulge just like the next person, and during this uncertain time I’ve enjoyed some treats! However, by the end of the first week of the COVID craziness I was really feeling sluggish, anxious and not my best. I had done Prolon a month ago and knew how great I felt afterward. The program recommends some people start by completing the fast once a month for 3 months and I was due for my next round. It definitely takes focus and fortitude. Could I do it while those around me were comfort eating? I wanted to try.

I started on a Sunday and went through Thursday. One of the best things is that the Prolon kit comes with all the food you’ll eat so there’s no prep, no grocery shopping or cooking. In some ways it was easier for me than the first time, but with more downtime I definitely had to find ways to occupy myself. In the end I just kept telling myself, “It’s only 5 days…you can do anything for 5 days!”. Under any circumstance it’s ideal to slow life down a bit while you’re fasting, so the timing couldn’t be better for this.

By day 5 I felt lighter, calmer, cravings were fewer and I’d lost 6 lbs. Can’t beat that! Best of all, while this provided some quick results, I know that each time I complete the 5-day fast, the benefits build on the last time. I’m preventing future disease by triggering my body’s innate stem cell production and anti-inflammatory mechanisms.

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