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The Benefits Of EvolveX Body Contouring: The Triple Threat

Before and After EvolveX - body sculpting in Mount Pleasant, Charleston, and Daniel Island. If you are thinking about getting body contouring, then you should try EvolveX at Rhett Women’s Center Aesthetics in Mount Pleasant, SC. In the sea of body contouring options, Evolve X stands out as a triple threat. Combining FDA-approved Radio Frequency (RF) fat destruction with collagen production to tone and tighten, EvolveX transforms the body quickly and affordably.

This innovative body contouring treatment offers several benefits including:

  • non-invasive treatment
  • safe and comfortable
  • quick treatment without recovery time
  • affordable, priced at just $300 per session
  • the only contouring with proven toning and tightening combined with permanent reduction of subcutaneous fat cells
  • 33% sustainable fat destruction
  • precise and gentle sensation of warmth from the RF waves, specifically targeting fat cells, gently breaking them down until they are destroyed.
  • sculpt, tone, and tighten skin with a single treatment

As pioneers in body sculpting, Rhett Women’s Center Aesthetics is among the first to offer EvolveX in Mount Pleasant. It is the only device in the market that addresses all three phases of non-invasive body contouring inclusive of:

  1. Fat destruction
  2. Skin tightening
  3. Muscle toning

EvolveX - the premier body sculpting technology in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and Daniel IslandHow does EvolveX work?

EvolveX body contouring is a non-invasive technique that is used to reduce fat cells and sculpt the body into a more contoured shape. The treatment uses special RF technology (radiofrequency) to target and destroy the fat cells, which then get eliminated from your body via your lymphatic system. The treatment is also extremely versatile, allowing it to be used to permanently destroy fat on various parts of the body such as the arms, buttocks, stomach, and legs.

What to expect?

Before and After using EvolveX Body ContouringThe EvolveX body contouring process works by applying a precise, gentle warming sensation to the areas of the body being treated. This RF energy targets the fat cells, gradually breaking them down until they are completely destroyed. After the fat cells have been destroyed, the body’s natural metabolic processes then start the process of eliminating the fat cells from the body.

The precise and gentle radiofrequency technique used in the EvolveX body contouring treatment also increases the production of elastin and collagen, which helps to tone and tighten the skin. This process helps patients achieve a more sculpted and firmer physique.

The fact that the processes of fat destruction, collagen production, and skin tightening occur simultaneously also contributes to the speed at which the results become noticeable after treatment. Results will begin to take shape within weeks and continue over a few months from treatment time.

How do I get started with EvolveX Body Contouring?

The process of getting started with EvolveX Body Contouring is easy. First, you’ll need to book a consultation appointment with Rhett Women’s Center Aesthetics’ body contouring specialist, Michelle. Your initial appointment will include an exam, assess your individual needs and goals, answer any questions you have, and determine if you are a candidate for EvolveX Body Contouring.

Rhett Women’s Center Aesthetics will create a custom treatment plan that’s tailored to your individual needs, discuss the length of treatment, and explain post-treatment care before beginning your EvolveX Body Contouring session. Once your treatment begins, you can also expect to see results within two to three weeks and will continue to improve over the next few months.

Ready to get started? Fill out a request an appointment form online at Rhett Women’s Center, call our office, or text Michelle at 843.375.2215. We are conveniently located in Mount Pleasant, serving Lowcountry patients in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and Daniel Island.


Non-Invasive Body Contouring with EvolveX

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