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Feature Patient Testimonial, A 55 Year Old Shares How Quality Provider Time and an Individualized Plan Made All the Difference.
In September of 2015 I made an appointment with my doctor because my hair had been falling out for months, I was exhausted even after a full nights sleep and I was gaining weight despite eating what I thought was a healthy diet.  I was 55 years old, hypothyroid and post menopausal.  She ordered blood work and when she called she said everything was normal.  Keep taking the mess I was prescribed.  I found another doctor.  The new doctor ran her own blood panel and this doctor found no problems either.  Thankfully I purchased Lipo B12 injects from Rhett Women’s Center hoping for an increase in energy and relief from fatigue, and that is when I met Gene Blake, CNP.  During our consultation I shared my issues and she reviewed my one day old blood work.  She found my results to be far from normal, immediately changed my thyroid medicine, started me on hormone therapy and helped me begin a different healthy eating and weight loss plan.  All this happened on Day 1.  Gene HEARD me.

I started with Core Restore and my foggy head and sinus pain left on day two of the cleanse.  I lost 13 pounds in 7 days and felt amazing. We worked through December and January on balancing my hormones.  In February I began the HCG 40 day program. I did the HCG program in 2012 but this program was much different.  Gene have me a one page sheet and held me accountable through weekly weigh-ins and reviewing my food diary. By the end of March I had lost 33 pounds bringing my total weight loss since 45 pounds.  What a difference the right professional and the right treatment makes!  I have referred Gene and Rhett Womens Health to all of my friends and clients and will continue to sing their praises to anyone who will listen.

Since losing the weight I have received cool sculpting on my lower abdominal area with Michelle and the results are wonderful.  I look forward to doing other parts of my body where stubborn fat resides.

I am so grateful to have met Gene, Dr. Rhett, Michelle and the entire staff.  My energy, my sleep and my sense of peace and clarity have all vastly improved since beginning treatment.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Katie Moore Throckmorton

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