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In-House Surgery

Rhett Women’s Center (RWC) is the home of a fully accredited in-house Surgery Center. This unique aspect of our practice is the only one in the area. Under the care of our highly trained staff at RWC, patients can undergo minimally invasive procedures with a great deal of comfort and attention. Not only will patients receive a higher level of individualized care, but RWC also offers each procedure at a fraction of the cost of the same procedure performed in the hospital. Drs will perform procedures at RWC. Rhett or Smith.

Endometrial Ablation

This procedure is a treatment that can dramatically reduce and often stop menstrual bleeding quickly and effectively. It works by destroying the endometrium (which causes the bleeding) with quick radiofrequency energy delivery. After dilating the cervix, Drs. Rhett or Smith will insert a thin wand and extend a triangular mesh device into the uterus. The mesh expands, fitting precisely to the size and shape of your uterus. Precisely measured radiofrequency energy is then released through the uterus for about 90 seconds, followed by the removal of the wand. The entire procedure takes about 5 minutes. It can be done at any time in a woman’s cycle.


This procedure allows Drs. Rhett and Smith to see inside the uterus. A skinny, lighted tube is inserted into the vagina and then into the uterine cavity through the cervix. Viewing the uterus through hysteroscopy gives a more complete, real-time analysis of an abnormality that may have been identified on ultrasound. Depending on your symptoms and the findings in the uterus, a patient may undergo an endometrial biopsy (a sampling of the cells inside the uterus), a D & C (removal/scraping of the inside of the uterus), or both.

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