Holiday Health Tips

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Rhett Women’s Center is committed to your health! This Holiday Season- Let’s vow to not gain that extra 5 pounds. Follow these ten tips:

1. Fit in exercise whenever and wherever you can.
Stuck in an airport- walk or stand don’t sit.
Stuck in a car- take a quick walk at rest stops.
Pack a rubber resistance tube for strength training.
2. Cook healthy meals and pack a piece of fruit in your purse. You will be less likely to eat-out on the run.
3. Don’t skip meals. Never attend holiday parties hungry. Eat a healthy snack before you leave home.
4. If attending holiday parties- munch from the veggie and fruit trays instead of the candy and cookie trays.
5. Drink lots of water every day (at least 64 oz. /day).
6. Watch those holiday punches and alcoholic beverages- they contribute a lot of extra calories.
7. Enjoy your favorite holiday treats in moderation.
8. Keeping a food and exercise journal is always wise- it makes us own up to what we are doing.
9. Weigh yourself at least weekly to keep yourself on track.
10. Healthy recipes: or