Pellet Therapy

At Rhett Women’s Center, we believe that pellets are by far the most effective method of administering estrogen and testosterone. Instead of using creams, which can be very messy or pills, which have to be taken daily and may result in fluctuations of hormone levels, insertion of pellets containing estrogen and/or testosterone is an option for many women. Pellets are small rice-sized implants that are placed by a health care provider just under the skin of the upper buttock. The pellets release a steady, constant level of hormone (estrogen and/or testosterone) over the course of a 3-4 month period. The pellet dose is individualized based on lab tests and is monitored throughout the duration of therapy. Using pellet therapy, patients can experience relief of symptoms such as increased energy level, improved sleep patterns, reduction of hot flashes and mood stability in as soon as two weeks. Two full months of therapy can result in increased libido and improvement of any urinary issues. Patients undergoing long-term therapy, will notice a decrease in body fat, improved muscle mass and improvement of cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

RWC also offers Pellet Therapy for men, which can last up to 6 months.

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