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“I’m a believer! You have changed my life and my family’s life! Thank you”….SB 43yo

“Dr. Smith is so AWESOME! Not only is he so easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable, but he also listens to you and works with you on your diagnosis or problems. Dr. Smith was the SEVENTH doctor I saw when trying to figure out why I had been incredibly sick for over a year. He worked with me and really believed the things I said. Thanks to Dr. Smith I am seeing an awesome specialist who is helping me get my chronic illness under control! He’s the best!” – KB in Charleston, SC | Jul 28, 2016

“On pellet therapy, I feel great and I don’t have to take a bunch of medicines with me when I go on a trip.” –B.L.

“My cholesterol dropped over 30 points on hormone therapy alone. With the Rhett Women’s Center supplements, I reduced my bad cholesterol by over 90 points. Off statins for the first time.” –S.A.

“I have struggled with my weight for 10 years. I feel like I have tried everything….adding Bhrt (testosterone and progesterone), treating my underactive thyroid, with the addition of the Whole 30 eating plan has been amazing. I feel like I am 20 again! I live in Columbia and am more than happy to drive 2 hrs to see you” KH, 37 yo

“The combination of bioidentical hormone therapy, weight loss and supplements at Rhett Women’s Center has lowered my cholesterol and allowed me to get off of Statin Cholesterol Medicine.” SR, 62 yo

“The endometrial ablation was a liberating thing. I didn’t realize how affected my life was every month due to abnormal periods. And my insurance covered the whole procedure. The ablation and the BHRT program adding testosterone and progesterone following a full blood panel have both given me better control over how I feel and how I look.”HK, 46 yo

“It’s the difference between a spa-like, soft robe and a paper tie on with no back.”

“I am taking BHRT and I feel like by body has been generated at age 68. It is outstanding to me. It is amazing.”

“My family was worried about me. Then Dr. Rhett recommended BHRT. My energy has increased, my sex drive is up, and I am cognitively sharper!”

“They are the best doctors and the staff is very great. They saved my life. And I am so thankful for them.”

“They are very caring and supportive.”

“Dr. Rhett is without a doubt, the absolute BEST! Gentle, thorough, caring, with an amazing bedside manner. LOVE me some Dr. Rhett!”

“Dr. Smith is the best physician I’ve ever had! Thank you for taking care of me!”

“They are the best! My only regret is that I didn’t find them sooner!”

I had been on “natural” hormone replacement for several years, and frankly did not see a huge change. Then Dr Rhett talked to me about the difference between natural and bioidentical hormones, as well as the protocol he uses and the difference is amazing! – LP age 69

I was interested in BHRT for all of the normal reasons: overall health, weight loss, better skin and nails, a good night’s sleep, less fatigue, etc, but the increase in libido was unbelievable! SA age 62

RWC approach to BHRT is the best. I feel better than I have in ages, sleep well, and actually look forward to going to the gym! – TC, age 55

After getting pellets, I will never use creams, patches or shots again! Dr Rhett thinks they work better and I agree! – BA age 60

It was an effort to get out of my chair and maybe take a 10 min walk. After getting testosterone pellets from Dr Rhett, I walk 18 holes of golf 3 days a week. DV male, age 77

I love going to RWC….pretty setting, short wait time, friendly staff, etc, but mostly Dr Rhett’s attention to my overall health. He made me realize that feeling OK was not good enough. After getting BHRT I feel better than I have in years! – BK age 52

My hair was falling out by the handful. Now that I have been on BHRT, this has stopped completely!” – PL age 65

My cholesterol was 30 points lower than it was 6 months ago and the only thing I did differently was bioidentical hormone therapy with Rhett Women’s Center!

Results are based on individual patient experiences.

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