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Liver Detoxification

10-Day ClearChange Detox Program

More than 4 billion pounds of chemical compounds are released into the environment each year. Although the body is designed to process and excrete these elements naturally, an abundance of environmental agents combined with poor diet and nutrition can lead to an overburdened system. Metabolic detoxification helps by providing advanced, targeted nutrition to support the elimination of unwanted chemicals from your system.*

The first step of detoxification can be done, in part, by lessening the immune system load by removing reactive foods from the diet. The gold standard for this removal is the aptly named “elimination diet,” a simplified list of foods to eat and foods to exclude as part of a detox program.

Typically, common allergenic foods and beverages containing corn, soy, wheat/gluten, eggs, dairy, shellfish, and peanuts are omitted from the daily diet in conjunction with caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and red meat for 10 to 28 days, depending on the duration of the program. In scientific literature, using an elimination diet in various formats has historically been used to address multiple conditions with differing levels of success.

In Functional Medicine, the elimination diet is often used as the first line of therapy for immune and gastrointestinal issues since it can help with reducing toxic load and cooling down any immune reactivity to foods.

In conjunction with removing foods, it’s best to take a complementary approach to bolster the body with specific nutrients to help fortify its detoxification pathways in the liver so that toxins can be easily removed. For example, it is well known that particular vitamins and minerals—like B vitamins and iron—are required to assist in the activity of these enzymes. Coupling nutrients with an elimination diet (through their inclusion as a whole, plant-based foods, and scientifically formulated dietary supplements) is perhaps the most robust protocol for a medical detoxification regimen.*

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