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Nutritional Counseling

At Rhett Women’s Center, we stress the importance of an overall healthy, sustainable lifestyle for our patients. Through educating them about adequate nutrition (choosing high quality, non-inflammatory foods) and addressing imbalances within the microbiome (good bacteria in the gut), we provide our patients with the power to look, live, and feel their best in addition to preventing and reversing chronic and autoimmune disease.

We know making the right food and lifestyle choices can be overwhelming and challenging. To set every RWC patient up for success, we offer extensive nutritional counseling that can be done in a group setting or an individual basis. Each patient has unique lifestyle factors and unique nutritional needs that influence food choices and overall nutrition. We offer both individualized and pre-set weight management programs. Each program provides detailed education, patient accountability, outside resources, and provider support to help troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Erin Copenhaver, PA-C and Gene Blake, NP will spend quality time with each patient to review medical history, evaluate potential environmental and lifestyle factors, and review a food journal to help determine the most appropriate nutrition plan. An individualized nutrition plan is not just another diet; our goal is to make sure our weight loss patients are educated and equipped to make sustainable lifestyle choices.

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